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Sneyd's Wonderfeeds

Sneyd's Wonderfeeds say:

Family owned manufacturer of quality dry dog foods and small animal foods. Quality Foods at Affordable Prices.

Sneyd's Wonderfeeds
99% of users rated this business as excellent or very good.
Ranked 3 in Dog Food
Ranking calculated based on average score and the most reviews. Businesses need more than 5 reviews to feature at the top.
242 reviews

Recent review

22nd January 2024
“Fantastic quality dog food”
Both our labradors are on Snyed wonderdog food. The quality of the food is great. The dogs love it and its great value for money. Highly recommende…

242 people have reviewed Sneyd's Wonderfeeds

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1 review
“Wonder dog premium”
Reviewed 13th March 2017
Our two welsh sheepdogs have been on this food for a few years and are a picture of good health full of energy even at 11years old excellent product and delivery service from Sneyd's Wonderfoods
  • Enjoyed by dog
  • Ingredients
  • Quality
  • Value for money
Hereford, Herefordshire, West Midlands
1 review
“Wonderdog Special ”
Reviewed 24th January 2017
I have been feeding my black lab dog on Sneyds Wonderdog Special for the last six years and he is the absolute picture of health and vitality. A superb coat and flexible joints plus the energy to work all day. I wholeheartedly recommend Wonderdog Special.
  • Enjoyed by dog
  • Ingredients
  • Quality
  • Value for money
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