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Akela WholePrey
Based on 701 reviews.701 reviews
“One of my dogs had been ill due to a chicken intolerance” 11/08/2022
“I recently inherited a 9 yr old toy poodle from a friend” 04/08/2022
“I've been feeding my dog Akela since she was 6 months” 30/07/2022
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Eden Dog Food
Based on 406 reviews.406 reviews
“I have three small dogs, a Chorkie, a Westipoo and a” 28/03/2021
“My dog would be on and off of her food all the time we” 08/04/2019
“I have 3 dogs but one in particular has numerous” 31/03/2019
Sneyd's Wonderfeeds
Based on 226 reviews.226 reviews
“After a minor mix up which Sneyds fix very quickly and” 09/08/2022
“Eee Dee and Ed both started off on Wonderdog original” 09/08/2022
“My 2 elderly dogs had got to the stage of picking at” 08/08/2022
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Millies Wolfheart
Based on 156 reviews.156 reviews
“My lurchers love this. Mixed with wet food but clean” 28/04/2022
“dog food is ok, but its let down by slow delivery and” 22/12/2021
“At the time of writing this, my German Shepherd pup is 7” 05/06/2021
Based on 135 reviews.135 reviews
“Order no 100299 I have an Alaskan Malamute so needed a” 04/02/2022
“My whippets love this food, which is a surprise as one” 17/11/2021
“A great alternative to raw- grain free, good” 30/11/2020
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Natural Instinct
Based on 85 reviews.85 reviews
“Our dog absolutely loves this food, she’s only a pup” 25/09/2020
“my boxer has been on this since birth x she is now 3 yrs” 23/09/2020
“We have fed our puppy on Natural instinct from when we” 06/12/2019
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Bella & Duke
Based on 20 reviews.20 reviews
“Awful company. Food smells rancid after defrosting,” 10/03/2022
“The food looks terrible compared to others our dog has” 24/11/2021
“After a week of not eating kibble we swapped to raw. At” 12/02/2020
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Wolf Tucker
Based on 16 reviews.16 reviews
“Have just changed over to Wolf Tucker for our 5 year old” 18/07/2017
“My Dog Lula loves her Wolf Tucker! Amazing food and such” 13/07/2017
“I have a VERY fussy JRT cross, who is almost two years” 12/07/2017
Country Kibble
Based on 15 reviews.15 reviews
“We have been a customer for 3 years. The prices have” 01/06/2022
“Just completed a repeat order 3 months from last one (2” 11/01/2020
“I have five bulldogs and all of them are thriving well” 18/12/2019
Lily's Kitchen
Based on 11 reviews.11 reviews
“I have a 7 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Female” 26/03/2020
“My four dogs love all the wet food range...and the” 23/02/2018
“My daughter has a giant schnauzer and he didn't like it,” 12/10/2017
Vet's Kitchen
Based on 6 reviews.6 reviews
“I have been using Vets Kitchen for many years. When I” 09/12/2018
“Searched for ages for decent food as my jug dog wasn't” 15/02/2017
“My 3 yr old cocker spaniel loves this food. She has a” 27/03/2015
Leaping Dog Pet Food
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“We had tried various dry foods for our SBT” 06/01/2018
“I have a 13 week old Show Cocker Spaniel who was very” 19/10/2017
“We changed our dog food supplier to The Leaping Dog” 14/10/2017
Markus Muhle
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“I have 2 dogs and I feed the eldest one on this and have” 21/02/2017
“I came across this food after reading reviews on another” 04/02/2017
“This is a very high quality dog food, but without the” 30/11/2015
Green Dog Food
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“My two dogs (a Dandie Dinmont terrier and a Cockapoo)” 06/12/2016
“Grain Free Duck, Turkey & Veg + Grain Free, Trout,” 06/07/2015
“Greendog is the best food around and my dogs love it.” 09/06/2015
Based on 22 reviews.22 reviews
“The customer service is non existent. I ordered a fish” 25/11/2021
“Our last three orders were left outside our gate without” 24/06/2020
“We have fed our 3 dogs on this for the past 4 years.” 24/10/2018
Natures Menu
Based on 14 reviews.14 reviews
“Great food but the service is awful. Supposed to deliver” 09/05/2022
“Have found nasty sharp shards of plastic in their sachet” 28/03/2022
“Although Natures Menu offer a good product their service” 28/12/2020
Gentle Dog Food
Based on 11 reviews.11 reviews
“Been feeding my 2 dogs this food for about 6 weeks now” 15/04/2022
“Purchased a 14kg bag of the gentle fish online, after” 23/05/2020
“We moved from Fish 4Dogs to Gentle due to the cold” 17/09/2017
Canagan Dog Food
Based on 7 reviews.7 reviews
“We love this brand used with all our frenchies, keeps” 02/02/2021
“I have a 14 month old Rottweiler who's got the most” 05/02/2020
“My dog is an 11 year old cockapoo. We moved to Sweden” 16/01/2019
Based on 7 reviews.7 reviews
“Placed a order for the free one month trial from Tails.” 23/09/2020
“I've just changed my Mini Dachsund over to Tails maize” 01/08/2020
“I changed my 3 dogs to tails about 8 months ago, my” 06/03/2017
Naturo Pet Foods
Based on 6 reviews.6 reviews
“I have fed this food to my toy dogs for quite a few” 10/02/2022
“Found a long sliver of plastic in the tray of turkey” 11/10/2019
“i have an Akita and a sharpei who both were fussy when” 20/03/2018
Based on 10 reviews.10 reviews
“I was on a monthly subscription. The last 48 trays” 23/07/2022
“I must admit when you read the ingredients what more” 07/05/2022
“My black lab loves Forthglade puppy food - it smells” 29/09/2021
Based on 8 reviews.8 reviews
“I am appalled by the response of Harringtons to my” 20/03/2022
“Not natural like it says our dog hated it he starved” 27/05/2018
“This food gave my dogs very bad breath and bad body” 27/04/2018
James Wellbeloved
Based on 8 reviews.8 reviews
“Used to feed out puppy James Wellbeloved and was very” 29/05/2018
“I used to feed my two small dogs Yorkshire terrier and” 08/11/2016
“Dog refused to eat it. When i looked at the ingredients” 24/03/2016
Wainwright's Dog Food
Based on 78 reviews.78 reviews
“My dog is coming up to 11yrs old and i've been giving my” 02/08/2022
“Been buying wainwrights for a long time all of a sudden” 27/06/2022
“I’ve been feeding my 2 dogs on wainwrights grain free” 12/06/2022
Royal Canin Dog Food
Based on 11 reviews.11 reviews
“My 8 year old cocker spaniel has been on a special” 11/06/2019
“My puppy came to us at 9 weeks on royal canin so we” 07/11/2016
“I bought tilly home as a pup on royal canine at first” 26/10/2016
Lukullus Dog Food
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“I was feeding my lab a mix of wet and dry Hills” 02/06/2022
“she loves it, was I bit reluctant at first as I'd never” 01/10/2018
“I trawled the net looking for a good food for my 3 dogs” 09/07/2016
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“I met Simon at the Lincolnshire show back in 2019. At” 01/12/2020
“Just got my bag of Josera Miniwell from @Petfootprint so” 05/12/2018
“Both of my 1 year labrador retriever and 5 month old” 23/04/2017
Murphy's Bakery
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“Our two Chocolate Labradors love the biscuits,” 08/06/2017
“Fantastic healthy treats for your dog, our springer” 22/03/2016
“Brought first packet from Paws and Whiskers so Harvey” 09/03/2016
Clydach Pet Foods
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“Excelent customer service, very professional yet” 20/10/2016
“Very knowledgeable staff...understanding different dogs” 20/10/2016
“Called in on our way home as I know Callum and I have to” 27/06/2015
Orijen Adult
Based on 4 reviews.4 reviews
“After spending a fortune at vets with my show springers” 30/09/2016
“An excellent product which both my elderly dogs love and” 20/05/2016
“After many hours of research on dog food I believe” 26/01/2015

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