About Akela WholePrey

Our main offering is a range of complete wet and dry working dog foods. We also offer pet dog food, cat food & ferret food. To ensure you keep all your dogs treats to the same high standard as his main meal we also offer a great range of meat and fish based chews and training treats. We deliver direct across the country (free next day delivery is available on many orders) and we are available in selected stores.

Our Services

  • Dry Kibble
  • Wet Food
  • Raw Complete (coming soon)
  • Natural Chews
  • Soft Training Treats
  • Supplements

We established our business because…

The pet food market is dominated by supermarket brands offering basic foods with ingredients far from that of a natural diet. Akela provides top quality nutrition with a more affordable price tag than many other premium brands.

Why dogs love what we offer…

Being fed a good diet is the starting point for everything else in life, from energy for walkies and play to generally feeling good for relaxing and snoozing. A healthy dog is a happy dog, and the less time spent at the vets is always a bonus!

The advice we give dog owners is…

Don't be fooled by fancy packaging, flash adverts or one off recommendations - research your dogs diet (and all aspects of his care) thoroughly. Take the time to learn a little about nutrition and read labels - your dog deserves it.

Our Latest Reviews

“Our 4 enjoy this food”
by on 9th April 2019
Having tried many kibbles, with one or another dog not getting on so well, this works for all 4 of ours. Currently using the Salmon grain free, with 3 out of our 4 dogs eating it as soon as put down. Our older girl takes a while to be interested, so will be trying one of the other many options for her.
“Fantastic food”
by on 29th March 2019
Really good food. Darcy has been having it since she came off puppy food and she still loves it. The medium is great to use as training treats too. Fab stuff.
“Great dog food”
by on 12th March 2019
Introduced to Akela dog food by breeder of latest dog. He was already on Snall Paws, which we continued. Now over a year old and usually has the Medium Paws, but if it is out of stock, he will take the Large Paws. He is thriving on it, and now have our older dog on it too. Noticed big improvement in his digestive system since the change.
Very easy ordering online from Wholeprey with quick delivery. Delighted.
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