About Bella & Duke

Your Dog, our best friend. That's our motto. We want the nation's dogs to live longer, happier lives. We believe they deserve more. More than ‘vet-approved’, ‘nutritious’, foods that pay more lip-service than love and do more harm than good.

Dogs deserve real, raw food. They deserve to thrive, not just survive and they deserve a pet food industry that puts their health and lives before profit.

So, let’s take on the big dogs. Let’s guarantee a future where our pets can eat as nature intended. Where they can live the big, bold, waggly lives that they deserve.

Let's do things differently, lets Declare Raw!

Our Services

  • 80:10:10 Complete Raw Meals
  • Working Dog Complete Raw Meals
  • Enriched Complete Raw Meals
  • Puppy Complete Raw Meals
  • Raw Dry Meals
  • All Natural Treats & Remedies

We established our business because…

We’re Mark and Tony and a few years ago we lost our dogs to cancer. After researching potential cures online, we discovered that the processed food our dogs had eaten their whole lives may have actually caused their illness. We decided something had to be done to educate other dog owners and protect their pets before it was too late. So we rolled up our sleeves, dug into natural dog diets and started making the bes

Why dogs love what we offer…

Our recipes are developed with animal nutritionists, checked by vets and recommended by behaviourists. We promise to stay at the cutting edge of nutrition and continue developing our food so it is as good as it possibly can be. We will never add something to our meals because it might be a good idea and guarantee that every single ingredient we add to our food provides a real benefit to your dog.

The advice we give dog owners is…

Please never shy away from giving us your feedback, good or bad. We are all about continuous improvement at B&D. Together we can create a revolutionary, cutting edge new food that will keep your four-legged friend happy & healthy, ensuring you can stay together for as long as possible!

Our Latest Reviews

“Fabulous ”
by on 12th February 2020
After a week of not eating kibble we swapped to raw. At only 10 weeks old he couldn’t get enough. Never looked back, no smelly farts or poops!
“Angel's angels”
by on 7th February 2020
Angel came to us as a retired breeding dog in October 2017, she was well but had always been fed on kibble which we continued for a few weeks but then she had some tummy troubles and decided it wasn't really for her, shetook a piece out of her bowl and dropped it at my feet! Hmm, she was trying to tell us something so I read up on different foods and looked for a raw, complete food which brought me to Bella and Duke. Angel absolutely loves this food, (she has only once not eaten a Bella and Duke meal but this was because we had inadvertently left it to defrost in a too warm kitchen)she loves all the varieties too. She occasionally decides a treat isn't to her liking but always looks forward to feeding time, never leaves a morsel (except for the Christmas cranberries!) and even enjoys licking the remains from the tub. Customer service is great and the company philosophy is fabulous. We hope it will help Angel live a long and healthy retirement with us. Well done to all the team at Bella and Duke and thank you for helping us look after our wonderful pooch.
“Highly recommend this supplier of raw dog food”
by on 22nd January 2020
Since we switched our 3 West Highland White Terriers over to Bella & Duke's frozen raw dog food last summer, we have really noticed the marked improvement in their digestion. Other raw dog food we have tried doesn't match the quality and value for money of the Bella & Duke. The subscription system is great too, because it allows us to manage delivery dates and changes to feeding patterns (while our youngest pup has been growing!). Customer service has been excellent and currently we receive deliveries through DPD which means that we get a one hour slot to expect delivery - a boon when you need to make sure that you are home to unpack and store frozen food. We really feel we are looking after the health and wellbeing of our dogs by feeding them this raw dog food.
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