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Posted on 25th June 2022
Disgraceful. Avoid at all costs.
I Carefully researched Pet Insurance and this seemed to be the most affordable for life cover with large allowance of £12,000. Until my dog got ill. My dog developed Epilepsy and initially required expensive examinations +£5,000 plus £3-400 PCM of medication probably for life.

But I was unconcerned because we had paid John Lewis for exactly this kind of eventuality. Or so I thought. They paid the bills but when it came to renewal they wanted to double the Premium for my ill dog. We have 2 dogs on the policy and it went from £850 per year to £1300. As my other dog had not claimed it can only be due to my Epileptic dog so therefore her Premium went up by £450. A whopping 100% increase. Double.
I will let you know if they put it up again this year.
If you read the literature they send out now they do say Premiums can double if you claim. But when we took the policy out it did not. It just said they will go up to reflect vets bills rising. So do not take this cover out thinking you will be covered for life for a reasonable premium because they will make the premiums unaffordable for you if you have to claim. If your pet needs continued help then you have to stay with them as other providers will not accept pre-existing conditions.. I think it's a con.
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