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I am a self employed business woman looking for the best care for my pet dog Fraggle when I need to travel abroad and throughout the uk

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Jack Russell/Border Terrier Cross



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Launceston, Cornwall, England
Posted on 12th September 2016
Absolutely disgusted!!!!

They don't deserve one star let alone five!!

I left at 5am from Manchester to pick up my dog Fraggle. I travelled 6 hrs to rush back to the most appalling service.

Fraggle was staying at Leburnick Kennels just outside of Launceston. As I was worried that I may be a few minutes late getting him, out of courtesy I rang the kennels and had to leave a voicemail. I was a few minutes away and again out of courtesy rang to let them know I'd be there a minute or two late.

I arrived to find the doors locked, unable to get in to pick up MY dog. I banged on the door to try and get their attention as they must have known I was on my way right!? They completely ignored me!

I had to beep my horn to get their attention to be greeted by the rudest lady who runs the kennels. She was shouting and screaming at me for being one minute late and how dare I beep my horn when they are closed! She slammed the door in my face and walked off! I had to advise that I was going to call the police before she decided that she was going to give me MY dog! She didn't even care that I'd called and never even apologised for being so horrible. All she cared about was closing at 10.30 and NOBODY was going to change that.

I had my doubts about using these kennels after the way she spoke to me a couple of weeks ago and the way she was with Fraggle but I was stuck and didn't really have much choice this weekend..

When I first booked Fraggle in I asked to see where he would be staying. I didn't really like it as it looked like a dog prison. Caged with no runs. The owner was rude and didn't want to show me. Reluctantly she did. I asked if he would be socialised and she said NO! Fraggle is so friendly and I asked him to be. She said maybe with the daycare dogs only.

I can say that I will never be using this woman again and can only advise others to keep well away.. Any professional business would have contacted me when they saw I hadnt arrived but to lock up and refuse to give me my dog was unforgivable!! This business is all about money. No customer service, no care for anything other than themselves. My worry is the lack of care for the animals especially on a Sunday! If she can treat humans in such an appalling way, how do the animals get treated?

Absolutely disgusted!!
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