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Willow and Merlin

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Bearded Collie and Wirehaired hungarian Vizsla



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Lowestoft, Suffolk, England
Posted on 11th February 2019
Top quality
I have been transitioning my 13 yr old Bearded Collie and 5 month old wirehaired vizsla onto Akela for the last couple of weeks. The Collie has never been food motivated and has always been difficult to keep at her desired weight. This is the first food in 13 years that she actually asks for. She actually ants to be fed. Her weight is stable so far and she is enjoying being fed for the first time ever. However the pup is having to take things much slower, as the food caused diarrheoa. He is currently eatoig a 50/50 mix of Akela and his previous food. The digestive issues seem to be easing gradually with time and I wont increase the amount of Akela until it is resolved. I am hoping he just needs longer to adjust because of his age. On the plus side he loves the food and we have had to feed him in a slow feeding bowl as he is so keen to eat the Akela he bolts it down.
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