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Posted on 27th February 2019
So we have four dogs. Three huskies and a collie all of them are insured by animal friends they are also all rescues. So as you can expect for the breed and the fact they are rescues their insurance isn't cheap at all. One of our dogs Loki has had trouble lately with his nasal passage. Now previously he had a cold so we were told by animal friends that he wouldn't be covered for the same thing fine that's cool who cares? However what they failed to mention is that anything to do with the respiratory system would not be covered. He get cancer not cover as he had a cold, get a punctured lung not covered had a cold who are these con artists they should be locked up! The illness he has now is not related this policy was taken out years ago to the point where the 1k his treatment has cost is nothing in comparison not when they have had almost 3 times that off of us over the years. Disgusting!!!
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