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Posted on 22nd May 2015
alright if you never have to claim
I had an expensive policy for my puppy £56 a month £4,000per condition lifetime.

My boy had surgery in his first year and on renewal premium went up to £116 a month.just about afforded it.

Second year he had some more surgery before being diagnosed with cancer.

Good l thought l am insured .cant fault them on the paying out but extortionate premium increases.

he was terminally ill,a fact they knew about but second renewal £408 a month.

No sympathy and l was prepared for another 100% rise but notthis one.they didnt care and my beautiful boy was pts at 26 months old as we couldn't afford the insurance or his treatmet .

When asked about price on website told only for people who never have to policy was lifetime so not worth the paper its written on.
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