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Barnsley, South Yorkshire, England
Posted on 21st February 2021
Pregnant bulldog and puppies died
The beloved pet of a member of my family died, along with all of her unborn puppies, whilst under their care. They saw her twice the day and evening before, after we were concerned with her welfare, and was discharged home both times. She was brought back to Abbey vets the following morning, seriously unwell, but it was too late to save her. They asked about trying to save the unborn puppies and took payment from a member of my family whilst she was outside the practice, terribly upset after immediately being told her beloved pet had died.

I requested information from the vets, which they did send, and in good time. I was not satisfied with all the information so requested further information, and I said that I believed that they were responsible and requested the repayment of all costs. Abbey vets do not accept any responsibility whatsoever, they stated this in an email and they also stated that some of my questions were “irrelevant” and threatened me with legal action, should I state anything libellous or slanderous, hence me only stating the facts that we believe are correct, and not expressing an opinion.

We tried to resolve the matter by asking a neutral body, the veterinary client mediation service, to try and open a mediation channel between ourselves and Abbey vets, but unfortunately Abbey vets have declined to participate whatsoever, which leaves us no option but to pursue legal action at a later date.

I believe all of these statements to be factual, but if Abbey vets can prove them not to be within 7 days of this review, I will absolutely apologise unreservedly and withdraw these comments. I also believe that Abbey vets have a right to respond to this comment and I welcome that if they believe any of my review to be incorrect or misleading.
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