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Posted on 30th August 2022
Wainwrights wet Dog food EXTREME Diarrhea
I noticed a few other reviews stating the same issue that I am now sadly having to report.
Wainwrights wet dog food has made my dog extremely ill. At first when she suddenly had an extreme diarrhea problem I had no idea what it was. It was so running it was more like a pooh water. She couldnt control it and you can imagine the mess. I immediately contacted the vet, I was instructed to feed her white rice and chicken. The following day the problem had improved dramatically. I kept her on a simple diet as directed for a few days. I then fed her a different dog food to see if that was ok, all seemed fine. I then put her back on the Wainwrights because it was a far better balanced food, as well as being much more expensive. Within 20minutes she had another massive uncontrollable diarrhea episode. I am unsure a simple change of ingredients could have this effect. Its far more likely that their is a chemical cleaning residue getting into the food. Needless to say I have informed Pets at Home as the food is sold exclusively through them and I will be returning all the food to them. I am no expert so this is only my opinion, something is seriously wrong with the production of this food. It needs investigating urgently, my dog suffered significant distress as did I.
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