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Posted on 21st December 2022
This food has made our border terrier very poorly
Our Boarder terrier has been on this food all three varieties for over 6 years ,at the end of the summer he started being sick we thought it was something he had picked up as after all he is a dog
But this continued all the way up to now on and off we never thought that it could be his food but after realising that this changed Aug Sept of this year and several trips to the vet + blood tests it has now become apparent it is this food.
I thought I would look at reviews and found this site which compounds our theory he has been diagnosed with allergic reaction in his stomach + ears red and inflamed he has not had the runs but is constantly bringing up bile or is sick so he is moving on to Purina Hypoallergenic food from this afternoon. We have been told not to give him any more wainwrights and move on small
Amounts of the new food do not mix it. So we will see but apparently the vet has said it will take him a good month for these symptoms to settle down !
So after reading all these reviews obviously Wainwrights have altered there recipe and not for the better !
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