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Mollie Moppie Ozzie Kaiser

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Mollie and Moppie - crossbreed full sisters age 8 Ozzie - Staffordshire Bull Terrier age 5 Kaiser - Rhodesian Ridgeback X Staffordshire Bull Terrier age 7 months


Rhondda Cynon Taf

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Keighley, West Yorkshire, England
Posted on 20th November 2015
One for all
I started my 4 on Millie's 3 weeks ago. Previously, my 2 crossbreed girls, sisters Mollie and Moppie aged 8 were on a popular brand complete dry for 6 years as they'd suffered with dry, flaky skin which would frequently develop sores. Trial and error and countless vets visits and I finally found a food that settled their skin. My Staffie boy Ozzie, age 5, has always had grass allergies and 2 years ago the vet diagnosed him with a maize allergy as well. So he was on one popular brand complete dry and my girls were on another. Back in June I took in an 8 week old Rhodesian Ridgeback X puppy, so that was another bag of food. Between their needs for specific foods I'd have to get the puppy food from one store and the other food from a different store. Having been recommended Millie's a few times I finally decided to try it and I'm pleased to say that all 4 love it and are thriving on it. No skin issues, no toilet issues, coats are shining and soft. It's so much easier only needing one food for the 4 of them, plus I get it delivered to my door
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