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Posted on 5th February 2017
Fantastic dog food Highly Recommend
We have been feeding Millies Wolfheart to our dogs for 5 months and see such a difference for the better in all our dogs.
Their coats, physique, both mental and physical stamina are all very much improved and digestion is the best its ever been.
Even our once were non kibble eaters are now munching away eagerly on Milies Kibble. Also all our dogs are in love with the wet food offered by Millies which is extremely well tolerated, most of our dogs would after eating other wet dog food have undesirable digestion issues but they have no negatives in this area when eating the wet food from Millies.

We have also seen a marked reduction in anxiety issues that we were seeing in one of our dogs, feeding a better quality and higher % of protein had been recommended and it really does seem to have had a very positive effect for this dog eating Millies Wolfheart, we can clearly say it must be the food change as we have not changed anything else since altering her diet, so not only a great food for all round good health but behaviorally it seems for us to have helped in this area immensely.

We are also breeders and have had 3 girls have much better pregnancies during the time eating Millies, they had so much vitality and energy right through to labour and whelping and nursing puppies, they also kept a good shape and sprang back to a lovely fit shape so quickly, Their Puppies were the easiest litters we have had to wean, we didnt have pups looking for mums milk at every opportunity, they were very settled on the Millies food and all looking great with heaps of energy.

Lots of Recipe Mixs to choose from means getting the right Mix for your dog is so easy

If you need nutritional support Millies has a great nutritional support team and their customer service is Great
Costs of food and treats may seem high but for such a great quality food i think they are really reasonable, you dont need to feed as much as you would have to on a cheaper food that uses a whole lot of fillers so it balances itself out.
Delivery is always prompt and ordering is so simple with an easy to navigate well informed website
I Can not recommend this food enough, every dog should be enjoying Millies Wolfheart in y opionion its the gourmet food of the dog world. Thank You Millies Wolfheart
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