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Jacob's Den
Based on 37 reviews.37 reviews
“Having had several Wet Dog Mats in the past for my” 16/06/2017
“Hello we are Holly the English Springer, Florence the” 06/06/2017
“Lady (my dog) and I were very pleased with our new” 05/06/2017
Harrison's Pet Supplies
Based on 31 reviews.31 reviews
“A lovely little family run business. Very friendly and” 24/04/2016
“We have visited this family based business a few times” 23/04/2016
“I'm no expert on dogs and it's great to get personal” 23/04/2016
The Pet Pantry
Based on 11 reviews.11 reviews
“I recently bid in an auction and won a variety of doggie” 27/08/2016
“Was looking for an internet seller of Eden dog food and” 25/08/2016
“Have been using pet panty for my Eden dog food and have” 12/05/2016
Big Dog Bed Company
Based on 8 reviews.8 reviews
“So my review is ever so slightly different from most -” 20/06/2017
“I am really impressed with The Big Dog Bed Company. We” 25/04/2017
“I got my two dogs beds from Big Dog Bed Company. The” 12/12/2016
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The World of Pets
Based on 6 reviews.6 reviews
“So pleased to have discovered The World of Pets. The” 10/09/2017
“I have bought dog toys, a muzzle, dried and raw food,” 17/08/2017
“I went in to the Ipswich branch for the first time last” 06/08/2017
Redpaw Pet Supplies
Based on 6 reviews.6 reviews
“Excellent advice Excellent service Excellent selection” 09/06/2017
“Wish we'd put our GSP on raw food years ago. Fur and” 06/06/2017
“Came here a while ago with my dog who had severe skin” 06/06/2017
Millie's Paws
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“Millie's Paws is a well stocked shop with a large choice” 23/11/2016
“Fantastic shop catering for all dogs needs and it they” 23/11/2016
“I'm a regular customer at Millie's Paws, the shop is a” 23/11/2016
Food 4 Dogs and Cats
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“We where looking to change our dogs food to a better” 16/05/2016
“If your looking for quality value for money dog food” 03/03/2016
“Our GSD has a sensitive stomach and we needed a supplier” 20/12/2015
Pets at Home
Based on 5 reviews.5 reviews
“The fact it is open so late makes Pets at Home a handy” 13/02/2016
“The hastings store were really good and helped me find” 30/11/2015
“I personally think Pets At Home is too expensive and the” 08/07/2015
Custom Pet Collars
Based on 14 reviews.14 reviews
“not a uk company , do not used , may not get order ,and” 29/08/2017
“Ordered my dog collar but was aware that it could be a” 03/05/2017
“I have numerous of these collars and find the canvas” 24/04/2017
Plaque Off
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“Plaque off is a fantastic product for my labs breath. I” 30/11/2015
“After one of my chihuahuas had a dental, the vet” 30/11/2015
“Was getting concerned about my dogs teeth starting to go” 15/01/2015
Based on 3 reviews.3 reviews
“My dog is the proud owner of 2 equafleece and they're” 08/07/2015
“We have owned two equafleeces for nearly two years and” 24/01/2015
“It has come to light that dogs and especially very” 24/01/2015
Bach Pet Rescue Remedy
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Our dog has not normally been that bothered by fireworks” 24/10/2017
“We tried this product as we have a dog who gets slightly” 01/09/2016
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Amazing customer service , great communication , speedy” 19/04/2017
“My lovely newly adopted boy was paralysed from the waist” 19/04/2017
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“We were prescribed this paste by the vet when our dog” 19/08/2016
“After moving house my dog was stressed and had traces of” 12/08/2016
Raw Dog Food Company
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“I cannot recommend this small but ever expanding company” 26/07/2016
“Lynn, owner of The Raw Dg Food Company will go out of” 24/07/2016
The Pet Express
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“Good West Country company. I am local enough to be able” 13/02/2016
“I like Pet Express because it offers unusual products” 07/01/2015
Orvis Dog Beds
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“My little girl beagle has recently been diagnosed with” 11/12/2015
“What a lovely bed. We were really impressed by the” 03/12/2015
Dried Sprats
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“I use these broken into small pieces as training treats” 01/12/2015
“These were originally recommended to me by our dog's” 09/09/2015
Based on 2 reviews.2 reviews
“My eldest dog has skin problems due to allergies, and” 30/11/2015
“I purchased a tub of Coco Mutts after reading about the” 06/11/2015
Nikki's Nesties
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“Our dog hates wearing the cone of shame. Once we've -” 24/10/2017
Furbo Dog Camera
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I've owned a petcam for several years now and my” 29/01/2017
Wellington Pet
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“Wellington pet store has lots of fantastic foods,” 24/01/2017
Ingleby Pet Supplies
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I am REALLY impressed with Ingleby Pet Supplies and now” 07/11/2016
Scruffs Luxury Dog Beds
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“I recently bought an eco box bed for my pampered pooch” 29/09/2016
Onychotin Biotin Capsules for Dogs
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“Our dog's nails were very short. On the plus side it” 01/09/2016
Sainsbury's Dog Grooming Wipes
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“These wipes are cheaper, larger and more moist than” 06/05/2016
Dougal's Den
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“Oh bank balance doesn't like this shop at all.” 05/05/2016
Davis Degrease Shampoo
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“Our dog somehow managed to get patches of a greasy oily” 17/03/2016
Ginger Ted
Based on 1 reviews.1 review
“We purchased one large Ginger Ted Bed for our Irish” 26/02/2016

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